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About us

Business School of Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) enjoys the reputation of being a multi-language and multi-culture university in China. Business School-BLCU’s guiding principles are to educate and prepare the next generation of business executives with international vision, competitive skills, and impressive English. Bilingual teaching (English & Chinese mandarin) and multinational students’ interaction in classrooms are among the most prominent features.

Business School-BLCU encompasses the following:

·Department of Finance

·Department of Accounting

·Department of International Economics and Trade

·Department of Management

·Regional Economic Research Center

·Financial Research Institute

·MPAcc Research Center

·International Business Training Center

·Multi-media Lab of Finance connected with Reuters and Shihua Financial Information

·Multi-media Lab of Accounting based upon UFIDA ERP software

·Multi-media Lab of International Trade

Business School-BLCU offers undergraduate programs of Finance, Accounting,Financial Management, International Economics and Trade, Human Resource Management and graduate programs of International Political Economy (in route of International Economics), Computer Application Technology (Intelligent Finance and Data Analysis, Intelligent Accounting and Data Analysis and Data Analysis and Block Chain and Financial Technology) and Master of Professional Accounting and Master of Finance (Professional).

The distinguishing characteristics of Concentration plus English model necessitate higher requirements for a teaching faculty, who are capable of conducting lessons in English. Business School-BLCU has a highly qualified academic faculty with reasonable distributions in terms of specialty, and age.Business School is engaged in innovation and improvement of teaching curriculums, materials, and methods. The finance specialty is honored as “distinctive” by BLCU.

In recent years, Business School-BLCU students have achieved high rankings in various examinations of English, Finance English, mathematics, computer science, and business negotiation. Business School-BLCU graduating students are prepared for a promising career in banking, securities, investment, insurance, international trade, management, and other business and non-business organizations.